Supine Hip Elevated Leg Curls

Want stronger hamstrings?  Then you need to add SHELC to your repertoire

Supine Hip Elevated Leg Curl is waaay to long of a name to remember.  Just remember SHELC

I am using a physio ball (stability ball) but you can also use a dynamax ball which is lower to the ground and harder to move

Take note of the 3 videos:

❌  In the top video my hips are not high at all and I am rolling the ball in/out without feeling it much in the hamstrings 

✔️ In the middle video I am keeping my hips *much* higher and trying to keep my hips high as I extend my legs back out.  Extremely difficult to do

✔️✔️ And the bottom video is if you want even more challenge-taking it up a notch-make it a single leg exercise.  

Always working on these 😊🙌🏻👌🏻


✅  Squeeze the glutes hard the entire time (will feel ’em there too!)

 ✅  Keep hips high throughout the entire movement 

These will definitely help increase hamstring strength and who doesn’t want that?  😀😀


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