Let me help you with YOUR fitness goals!

Chances are, I have been in your situation at some point in my life…

I have felt the frustration of not making any progress. I know the frustration of feeling like I am working hard, but nothing changes. I know how life can get difficult and get in the way. But what I have learned over time is that with the right program, accountability and motivation, things will change. It happened to ME.

You WILL see progress! feel better! get stronger! get leaner! be the best YOU that you can be!

How does it work?

I will send some information for you to fill out that will tell me all about you, your workout history, physical issues (if any), and anything else you think is important for me to know.

We will set up a time to talk on the phone or Skype to review the information, talk about the program to see which program is right for you, and go over in more detail how your program will work.

I will write a program for you every month — specifically designed to meet YOUR goals, your current fitness level, and your abilities.  Your program will include:


1. Workouts for 3 or 4 days a week

2. Specific exercises to do with links to video how-to’s when necessary

3. Unlimited email feedback and coaching support from me, along with video analysis of technique

4. Workout charts that you can print out and take with you to the gym so you can fill them out and keep track of weight used, etc.

5. Food/Nutrition – I will work with you individually on setting appropriate calorie and nutrition goals, and  how/if to track  your food. Some like to track on their own, some like to use an app like  MyFitnessPal. We can talk about that piece and set up something that is right for you.

A 4 month commitment minimum is required. The reason is simple:  You won’t see the progress you want in only a few weeks. This is a process and it takes time, but it DOES work. Give it time.

You and I will become a team.

I promise you that...
  • We will navigate, step by step, a program that will be tailored to YOU — not a generic program that you can find online.  
  • We will work through any of those curve balls life wants to throw at you.
  • I will provide a supportive and motivating environment for you to reach your goals, and will be with you every step of the way.
  • I will answer any and all questions you have.
Ready to get stronger and leaner than ever before?

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