Seated Cable Rows Part 2 – Single arm

Seated Cable Rows Part 2 – Single arm

The seated single arm cable row is a great variation to keep building strength in the upper/mid back

As a unilateral exercise (as opposed to bilateral using both hands), there is more scapular range of motion so you hitting the muscles a tad more

This also becomes an anti rotation exercise, as you have to brace your core to keep you from rotating as you pull -Bonus!

➡️  Sitting tall, feet flat on the foot plate

➡️  As you pull, think about pulling from your shoulder blade and pull it back and slightly down

➡️  Keep that shoulder fixed – don’t let it move forward with your arm

➡️  Keep torso straight – no twisting

➡️  Add a tiny pause before releasing

3 sets of 10/arm should do it!

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