Push Ups Part 3: Variations

 Push Ups Part 3

⬆️I Increase the Challenge

There are many variations to make push ups more challenging.  Here are 3 of my favorites :

Feet elevated– put your feet up in a bench or small step.  I am using a foot stool at home.  The decline push up targets upper chest and the front of your shoulders more.  

Med ball- keep one hand on a medicine ball and one hand on the ground.  The offset position requires your core to stabilize your body even more and the side with the ball has an increased range of motion 

1.5– Adding a half rep makes a huge difference!  Go to the bottom position, come about halfway up, go back to the bottom position, then all the way up.  That counts as 1 rep

Give some of these a try 

What are your favorite variations?

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