I Have No Idea What to do When I get to the Gym

I Have No Idea What To Do When I Get To The Gym……

You head to the gym and you are ready to hit it hard.

You walk in the door, totally pumped up to workout

You start looking around, stop dead in your tracks

You have no idea where to start/what to do. 

You can’t remember much of anything that you did in your last training session

You watched some things on youtube, but can’t remember a single one of them right now. 

After spending a good deal of time trying to recall or come up with a game plan, you get on the elliptical.    And there you stay…..

Has this or something similar ever happened to you?  You have no idea what to do ?

It is almost overwhelming.


Have no fear – its not as complicated as you might think.. 

Build Your Own Circuit(s)

First of all, what is a circuit anyway?

A circuit is a series of exercises put together that are performed one right after another with little to no rest until the last exercise in the circuit.  Circuits can be based on repetitions or time or both.

There are many ways to construct circuits but for now we are going to focus on a basic formula.

Basic Circuit Formula:

1. Upper Body Exercise

2. Lower Body Exercise

3. Core Exercise

4. Cardio Interval

5.  Rest

Now, plug in some exercises :

1.  Upper Body exercise – push ups  8-12 Reps or 1 min

2.  Lower body exercise – Goblet squats  8-12 reps or 1 min

3.  Core exercise – Plank with a DB shift  8-12 reps ea side or 1 min

4.  Cardio interval – jumping rope  1 min

5.  Rest 1 min

Perform exercise #1, #2, #3 #4 and then rest (#5)

Really pressed for time?  You can add even more intensity to your workout, combine the upper and lower body exercises. This more advanced three-part circuit formula is more demanding by combining an upper body and lower body exercise.  It will definitely challenge your cardiovascular system as well.


1.  Upper and Lower Body Exercise

2.  Core Exercise

3.  Cardio Interval

4.  Rest


1.  Upper and lower body exercise – DB Thrusters  8-12 reps or 1 min

2.  Core Exercise -Spiderman planks  8-12 reps ea side or 1 min

3.  Cardio interval – Rowing –  1 min

4.  Rest 1 min

4-6 Rounds

What Exercises should I use?

Keep them simple – simple works.

There are many MANY different exercises you can use – here is a simple list  just to get you started:

Lower Body:  Squats (and variations), Deadlifts (and variations) lunges, Step Ups

Upper Body:  Push ups, Bench Press, Chin Ups (can be band or machine assist )Rows,    Overhead press, Biceps, Triceps

Core:  Planks (and variations), stability ball roll outs, Reverse curls, Pallof Press

Cardio Interval:  Running, rowing, Cycling, High knees, anything to spike the heart                 rate


  1.  Always have a plan before you go to your gym.  Always.   You will be way more productive.

 2.  Don’t over-complicate things.  Keep it simple.

 3.  Determine how much time you have to work out that day

4.   Construct your circuits, get to the gym and go kill it!!

Any Questions?  Shoot me an email at:   susanniebergallfitness@gmail.com

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