I Have No Idea What to do When I get to the Gym

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I Have No Idea What To Do When I Get To The Gym…… You head to the gym and you are ready to hit it hard. You walk in the door, totally pumped up to workout You start looking around, stop dead in your tracks You have no idea where to start/what to do.  You can’t remember much of anything that you did in your last training session You watched … Read More

Dumbbell Rows

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I LOVE to row! There are so many great ways to row and get a strong back! Today is about Single arm DB Rows. Here is how to do them: 1. Grab a Dumb bell in right hand 2. Support yourself on a bench with your left arm – feet in staggered stance 3. Send your hips back so back is flat and chest is about parallel to the floor … Read More

Goblet Lateral Lunges

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Goblet Lateral Lunge:  Lateral lunges are a great way to work the legs out of the normal sagittal plane (front/back). Your legs will be on fire – especially your glutes! Here’s how:  Grab a DB or KB and hold it up at your chest Take a step to the side with the right leg and sit your right hip way back while keeping the left leg straight Push off the … Read More

My Story

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People assume I was an athlete growing up because I am a trainer now.  Nothing could be farther from the truth. I did not work out, did not eat “healthy” or even thought about either of those things growing up.  I was a musician – that was my talent and that was my focus.  In college I was a music education major and the only working out I did was … Read More

Welcome !

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Hi Everyone!    Welcome to my website Susan Niebergall Fitness!   This is where you can learn about my online coaching program,  get valuable fitness and nutrition information , and hear about my visits to James Madison Univ to visit my college freshman, my coffee addiction,  and a whole lot of other fun stuff!  Hope you will be a frequent visitor!

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