Push Ups Part 3: Variations

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 Push Ups Part 3 ⬆️I Increase the Challenge There are many variations to make push ups more challenging.  Here are 3 of my favorites : Feet elevated– put your feet up in a bench or small step.  I am using a foot stool at home.  The decline push up targets upper chest and the front of your shoulders more.   Med ball- keep one hand on a medicine ball and … Read More

Push Ups Part 2: Progressions

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Push ups Part 2 Push up Progressions Not quite ready for push-ups from the floor?  No problem!! Start with your hands elevated on a bench (pic) or even on a wall.  The higher you elevate your hands the easier it is to move because you are pushing less of your body weight  A great opportunity to work on range  of motion, building strength and, keeping tension in your body  On … Read More

Push ups Part 1

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Push ups Part 1 Let’s talk push-ups shall we? Specifically elbow position The pic on the top has my elbows flared out to about 90 degrees The problem here is the stress it can place on your rotator cuff as well as your elbow joint  As someone who has a rotator injury I can speak from experience  The pic on the bottom has my elbows tucked to about a 45 … Read More

Seated Cable Rows Part 3 – Underhand grip

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Seated Cable Rows Part 3 – Underhand Underhand rows have become one of my favorite variations.  Great for mid/upper back strength and posture ✅  Sitting tall, keeping back straight, grab the straight bar with an underhand grip.  I sometimes keep my thumbs underneath the bar as opposed to wrapping them on top-my elbows seem to like that better ✅  Start with your arms fully extended and pull the bar into … Read More

Seated Cable Rows Part 1 – Neutral Grip

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Seated Cable Rows Part 1-Neutral Grip Seated rows with neutral grip is a shoulder friendly exercise that builds a  super strong back. Sit tall on the bench, feet flat on the foot plate.  Start with your arms fully extended and shoulders away from your ears  Initiate the pull from your back as opposed to pulling from the elbows Squeeze your shoulder blades  Want to make this harder?  You can always … Read More

Seated Cable Rows Part 2 – Single arm

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Seated Cable Rows Part 2 – Single arm The seated single arm cable row is a great variation to keep building strength in the upper/mid back As a unilateral exercise (as opposed to bilateral using both hands), there is more scapular range of motion so you hitting the muscles a tad more This also becomes an anti rotation exercise, as you have to brace your core to keep you from … Read More

Surviving the Holidays: A Simple Guide

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  I’ve heard some people call Nov-Dec “Eating Season” because of the holidays and the countless gatherings, social events, etc that tend to happen in this time It seems like all we do is eat. For two months – non stop When I worked at a school, there was food around everywhere this time of year. In the Teachers Lounge, in the Office, in MY Office.  Students would even bring … Read More

Protein 101: Keeping it Simple

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Protein 101 Protein is a huge point of discussion in the fitness world.  There is so much information  out there it can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing.  Let’s simplify it all.  Everything you need to know about protein right here. Let’s go   What is Protein? Protein is made up of amino acids which our body needs to function.  Protein is considered a macronutrient – a nutrient that your body … Read More

What is IF? What I Learned from Being on an Intermittent Fasting Program

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I just finished a 4 week Intermittent Fasting/Rapid Fat Loss program through my coach.  Not only had I never done anything like this before in my whole life, I wasn’t sure what IF stood for! Before I get into my journey, let me just put this out  – my goal here is to tell you about my journey with IF, how it worked, and what I learned along the way.  … Read More

Lunges: The Good, The Potential Bad, and The Fix

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Lunges -The Good, The Potential Bad, and the Fix I love lunges.  I love teaching people how to lunge.  And I really love seeing people’s faces when they do lunges correctly! Why are lunges so good anyway? Lunges are one of the best single leg exercises to build strength, muscle, and therefore burn fat.  Unilateral exercises (single leg) also help build stability and control.   Here are some other reasons: … Read More

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